• Him of Gyeonggi-do Close
    • Period/ 2010.05.01(Sat) ~ 2010.08.22(Sun)

    The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Him of Gyeonggi-do, which means the Strength of Gyeonggi Province, for Gyeonggi Art Project in 2010. The Gyeonggi Art Project annually features critical issues encompassing politics, society, and culture in Gyeonggi Province for the purpose of modernizing and globalizing cultural heritage of Gyeonggi Province. At present, there are many artists who work for a number of museums, creation studios. and alternative spaces in Gyeonggi Province. As Gyeonggi Province serves as an incubator for art creation, and a repository for creative inspiration to the artists, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art shall strive to bring into actuality the function and role as a Provincial art museum by providing environments of exhibition and creation, and conditions for communication and participation to the artists through a variety of programs.

  • Family Study Close
    • Period/ 2010.03.16(Tue) ~ 2010.05.09(Sun)

    Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Spring exhibition with 23 museum collection putting in stories of home in our everyday life. Home in these days appears a broad variety images in accordance with the change of society. There are lots of difference in ways of reading relationship among family members as well as our life-style of dwelling. The exhibition space will be transformed into home theater running through thousand tales encountered a number of different desires of each members of the family. Home, the smallest unit of the society, we hope you have an opportunity to remind and look back what makes the home in change incredibly and how this home extends to the place for reunion and healing beyond dreams and love, hurt and solitude through this exhibition.

  • The Fable 2010 Close
    • Period/ 2010.01.30(Sat) ~ 2010.04.18(Sun)

    In 2010 the GMoMA newly set a Project Gallery in the lobby. The museum presents The Fable 2010 as the first exhibition at the gallery. Since ancient times animals have been adopted as allegories in fables to commune with humans and have them look back on their life. This exhibition features works selected from the museum’s collections whose key subject matter is the tiger.

  • Oh! Masterpieces: 2009 New acquisitions Close
    • Period/ 2010.01.30(Sat) ~ 2010.04.18(Sun)

    The GMoMA holds Oh! Masterpieces, an exhibition of newly acquired works as the first show of 2010 from January 29 through March 1. The exhibition is a place to display artworks the museum collected in the year 2010 for the general public. It features 58 pieces by 55 artists produced between the 1970s and 2009, including works by Korea’s representative artists SEO Seok, CHO Sungmook, HONG Myungseop, KWAK Duckjun, and LEE Sangnam and the oncoming generation of artists JUNG Yeondoo, YANG Haegue, and BAE Youngwhan. Those works strictly collected by time, genre, and generation through in-depth study and fair procedures may serve as an opportunity to confirm the flow of contemporary Korean art and to share its artistic value.

  • Bad Boys Here and Now Close
    • Period/ 2009.10.17(Sat) ~ 2010.01.03(Sun)

    The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents an annual exhibit of "A Tendency of Contemporary art : Ex n Ex" that introduces artists with a variety of media and genres in Contemporary art under the context of "Experimentation and Expansion. In this year's exhibit entitled "New Political Art in Korea since the 1990s : Bad Boys Here and Now," we intend to take a glimpse of the current location of political art by looking into the way the contemporary art of Our times is engaged and spoken in the Socio-political climate. This exhibition features artists in their 20s to 40s who are working on the experimentations and practices of a new paradigm political art from the 1990s to the present. Passing on the spirit of Minjung Art(People's art) on the one hand, and having embodied the sensibility of Postmodernism and created aesthetic discourses encompassing both the local and the global on the other hand, the artists are writing a new chapter of Korean political art history. We invite you to our exhibit of 'Bad Boys' that features many artists who agreed to participate despite the differences in generations and media.

  • Fashion Ethics-Wear Good Close
    • Period/ 2009.07.23(Thu) ~ 2009.10.04(Sun)

    The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Fashion Ethics – Wear Good as its cross-genre exhibition which the museum annually presents. It is designed to examine the expansion of art adjacent genres to explore the effects of their synthesis. Following last year’s exhibition, connected with architecture, this year’s show deals with fashion.