• ceramics-climax Close
    • Period/ 2009.04.24(Fri) ~ 2009.07.05(Sun)

    Gyeonggi MoMA hosts the Contemporary Art Ceramics Exhibition: Ceramics-Climax as this year's Annual Gyeonggi Art project. The contemporary sculpture and ceramics exhibition is significant in that it warrants the originality and creativity of contemporary art ceramics, made out of clay, and that it underscores the post genre aspect of contemporary art.

  • Modern Abstract Art and After: 2009 Selected collection Close
    • Period/ 2009.04.08(Wed) ~ 2009.12.31(Thu)

    Modern Abstract Art and After: 2009 Selected Collection features 27 works of abstract art the GMoMA collected since 2005. Abstract art has great significance for contemporary Korean art history straddling hot abstraction, geometric abstraction, monochrome, minimalism, color-field abstraction, and post-minimal abstraction. The exhibition designed to cast light on the development and present aspects of Korean abstract art serves as an opportunity to review works of abstract art the museum has collected so far and a starting point to complete its more meaningful collection. In addition, this exhibition will provide the general public a chance to appreciate abstract art.

  • Another Masterpiece: 2008 New acquisitions Close
    • Period/ 2009.01.23(Fri) ~ 2009.03.31(Tue)

    73 artists including mid-carrier artists such as PARK Sukwon, SHIM Moonseup, YUN Suknam, LEE Bul, CHUNG Seoyoung and rising artists such as KWON Osang, PARK Junebum, WON Sungbin, IM Sangbin, and JO Seub

  • gyeonggi moma@ansan Close
    • Period/ 2008.12.18(Thu) ~ 2009.02.15(Sun)

    The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents an architectural show as its last planned exhibition in 2008. It is across-genre exhibition which is one of the museum's four major planned art shows designed to explore interactions between art and its neighboring genres as well as its interdisciplinary effects. This year's cross-genre exhibition titled gyeonggimoma@ansan is an architectural show illuminating and examining new issues of contemporary architecture in the context of contemporary art.

  • Eonni is Back Close
    • Period/ 2008.10.01(Wed) ~ 2009.01.04(Sun)

    Kang Eun-soo, KIM In-soon, Kim Ju-yeon, KIM Jin-sook, Kim Hui-jeong, RYU Jun-hwa, Park Yeong-sook, Bang Jeong-ah, Bong In-ok, Son Kuk-yeon, Son Jeong-eun, Song Sang-hee, AHN Jinu, WON Seong-won, Yoon Seok-nam, LEE Min, Lee Su-young, Lee Soon-jong, Lee Soon-ju, Lee Eun-shil, Jang Ji-ah, JEONG Eun-Young, Jeong Jeong-yeop, Cho Deok-hyeon, Taeyie, HA Cha-yeon, Hong Hyeon-sook

  • Creation Anatomy Close
    • Period/ 2008.07.19(Sat) ~ 2008.09.15(Mon)

    KOO Donghee, KIM Min Jeong, KIM Yun Soo, Mioon, PARK Eunsun, PARK June bum, BAE Jong Heon, OH Sang-taek, YOO Hyun-mi, LIgyung, LEE Min-ho, Lee hai min sun, LIM Taek, JEONG So Youn, HONG Kyoung Tack The exhibition demonstrates both stages in the process of various creation along with completed artworks by contemporary artists.