• Negative Images Close
    • Period/ 2008.05.23(Fri) ~ 2008.07.06(Sun)

    Negative Images is a showcase of the world where yin and yang, color, and light and shade are reversed. Such reversed images or negative images appear unfamiliar and even mysterious to us. This exhibition displays the visual shock caused by reversed images. This world of negative images consists of such elements as shock, paradox, traces, and unconsciousness. This world astonishes us (Strange) through a reversal of familiar quotidian scenes and generates a paradoxical, absurd state (Trace) through an encounter of reality with imagination and yin with yang. It also visualizes intense memories and traces (Trace), or draws out the unconscious inherent deep in our minds. This art show provides us with an opportunity to experience a new world, not merely the world where yin and yang, color, and light and shade are reversed. It is dedicated to experiment and the expansion of contemporary Korean art through an exploration of a new formative world of the negative.

  • Collection Reconstructed Close
    • Period/ 2008.03.15(Sat) ~ 2008.05.05(Mon)

    The collection of an art museum is of special significance in that it plays a key role in pointing out its direction to move forward and establishing its identity. Its collection is not only a public cultural asset but the ground for its existence and a crucial factor to demonstrate its future vision. Policies and directions for this collection were established based on an analysis of preexisting collections and collections carried out through the process of very active, in-depth discussions last year.

  • Gyeonggi, National Highway No.1 Close
    • Period/ 2007.11.10(Sat) ~ 2008.01.23(Wed)

    Gyeonggi, National Highway No.1 is the first exhibition of the Gyeonggi Art Project to be held regularly and addresses issues pertaining to Gyeonggi politics, society, and culture. Its theme is the National Highway No.1 that is the cultural and economic Silk Road on the Korean Peninsula, a symbol as the gateway to Gyeonggi’s modernization or the reality of division. The art show is designed to document current aspects of life in Gyeonggi Province and share them with its residents.

  • Art Now 2007 Close
    • Period/ 2007.10.04(Thu) ~ 2007.11.30(Fri)

    Art Now 2007 is co-sponsored by the Ansan municipal government in the form of an international art program and is held as part of the Danwon Art Festival hosted by the local government. The program consists of an artist-in-residence program, a workshop and exhibition, and works produced during the residency are exhibited at the GMoMA. Six invited Korean and foreign artists have incarnated the spirit of late Joseon painter KIM Hongdo, better known as Danwon, his penname anchored in their historical, aesthetic understanding of Danwon. This art event is intended to raise new issues in the Korean art scene and gain a foothold for upcoming international cultural exchanges through its specialized subject, the modernization of Danwon spirit.

  • Imagine recharge Close
    • Period/ 2007.07.25(Wed) ~ 2007.10.07(Sun)

    Imagine Recharge is an art exhibition designed to enable the general public to enjoy works of somewhat difficult to understand contemporary art with ease by kindly offering them explanations. Made up of six sub-themes, Art’s a Mirror, Art’s a Heart, Art’s a Tale, Art’s a Question Mark, Art’s a Dream, and Art’s a Play, the exhibition provides firsthand experiences of contemporary art in a variety of ways from a conventional art show at a white cube to a participatory project completed through interactions with viewers. It also serves as a guide for how the element of imagination, its main theme, is involved in each work and in each meaning it raises. Both children and adults who want to become intimate with contemporary art are expected to discover artistic imagination in six imaginary narratives.

  • Park Seo-Bo Today, Playing with Color Close
    • Period/ 2007.05.11(Fri) ~ 2007.07.08(Sun)

    PARK Seo-Bo has been a key artist in contemporary Korean painting. He has been recognized as a pathfinder in contemporary Korean art, constantly engaging in monochromes he refers to as “ecriture.” After 55 years of artistic experience, the exhibition he will join at the GMoMA this year will help set up criterion to interpret his art in a new way. This show is designed to cast light on his recent works, focusing primarily on his latest pursuit of art. The year 2000 was a turning point for Park as it was then that his art made a shift from achromatic monochromes to chromatic monochromes. This shift can be interpreted as something upgraded and expanded that brought a new aesthetic attempt to discover color to his preexisting frame of “ecriture.” Stemming from nature, his colors can be described as spiritual tonalities filtered in a process of sublimation through meditation. Park displays the culmination of an artistic purification by lending unrefined colors commonly found in our surroundings to his canvas. What is most important in his color “ecriture” is a balance between time and light.