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Period/ 2009.04.24(Fri) ~ 2009.07.05(Sun)
Kang Junyoung Kang, Munkyung Kim, Jaegyu Kim, Jeongbum Kim, Jinkyoung Kim, Kyungjoo Park, Eunjung Park, Junggun Park, Nam Jun Paik, Changwon Seock, Dong won Shin, Sangho Shin, Yichul Shin, Minsung Ahn, kyungran Yeo, Kwanho Woo, Kyunghwan Won, Injong Won, Youngseo Yoo, Sookyoung Yee, Una Lee, Eunha Lee, Jaejoon Lee, jihye Lee, Hunchung Lee, Hankee Cho, Kyungah Ham

Gyeonggi MoMA hosts the Contemporary Art Ceramics Exhibition: Ceramics-Climax as this year’s Annual Gyeonggi Art project. The contemporary sculpture and ceramics exhibition is significant in that it warrants the originality and creativity of contemporary art ceramics, made out of clay, and that it underscores the post genre aspect of contemporary art. Contemporary art ceramics, which has been transformed into formats such as purely plastic objects or on-site installations, instigates the expansion and change of not only the range of traditional ceramics but the overall concept of art in general, Under the guidance of Professor Won, who has taken charge of this year’s exhibition arrangements, our event will be introducing various works of a total of twenty seven representative, active and new artists in the discipline of art ceramics. Especially, for this year’s exhibition, We will be introducing Shaping the Future with Earths of the late artist Namjune Paik, which will further illuminate our visions and aims for the exhibition.
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