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Oh! Masterpieces: 2009 New acquisitions
Period/ 2010.01.30(Sat) ~ 2010.04.18(Sun)
The GMoMA holds Oh! Masterpieces, an exhibition of newly acquired works as the first show of 2010 from January 29 through March 1. The exhibition is a place to display artworks the museum collected in the year 2010 for the general public. It features 58 pieces by 55 artists produced between the 1970s and 2009, including works by Korea’s representative artists SEO Seok, CHO Sungmook, HONG Myungseop, KWAK Duckjun, and LEE Sangnam and the oncoming generation of artists JUNG Yeondoo, YANG Haegue, and BAE Youngwhan. Those works strictly collected by time, genre, and generation through in-depth study and fair procedures may serve as an opportunity to confirm the flow of contemporary Korean art and to share its artistic value.
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