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Exhibition of the GCC Residence Artist: CHANG Yujung_Cultivated Portion
Period/ 2012.06.22(Fri) ~ 2012.07.15(Sun)
CHANG Yujung

CHANG Yujung displays photographs of nature found in Seongamdo in Ansan where the Gyeonggi Creation Center is located. She had taken these pictures during her stay at the artist-in-residency program. Her photos are printed on a translucent material which arouses a surrealistic atmosphere that reconstructs the space as it allows light to pass through it. The places in the images are physically experienced when artificial light takes on the role of sunlight, illuminating her pictures and making two-dimensional scenes feel like three-dimensional ones.

Her photographs feature the vineyards and fields of reeds in the vicinity of the Gyeonggi Creation Center as well as the garden inside the residency, revealing what goes on in Seongamdo. Seongamwon, an accommodation facility for teenage drifters and the offspring of independent fighters during the Japanese colonial era, was set up here but it currently appears peaceful, repulsing its gloomy, painful past. Seongamdo’s slightly artificial nature was cultivated by villagers and a local public institution and bears some resemblance to aspects of all of Korean society that has evolved after being severed from its past history. Nature of today that has come into being by actions such as cultivating crops, planting trees in groves, and tending gardens can be described as a reality forged by humans.
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