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Art X Game – Bartz Revolutionary War
Period/ 2012.06.25(Mon) ~ 2012.09.02(Sun)
Korean MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is a PC game which users access multiplex Internet at the same time, receive their own roles, and perform their missions based on proposed stories. Unlike a classic role-playing game which two or three people enjoy, a number of people can participate in this game simultaneously as implied in the title, ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’. Also, it goes on regardless of user’s participation, which is different from single or multi play games that end when the winner is determined. Once an MMORPG game begins, it continues without stopping or starting again. Basically, the MMORPG game has events related to stories. All the players joining in the game can enjoy stories, talk one another, and trade game items(goods used in the game). Since the participants live in real time, sharing or trading items and information, a fine line between imagination in the game and the actual reality becomes obscure.

“Lineage 2” is the Korean leading MMORPG game produced by the world view of medieval times. In the Bartz server of this game, a letter of appeal to serve the war from the group of long johns was posted on a bulletin beginning in 2004. Resistance against DK(Dragon Knights) alliance taking hold of the Bartz server at that time when it started. This war called “Bartz Revolution” recorded the biggest war in the Korean peninsula since the 1950’s Korean War in which one million users participated. The dictatorial monarch’s tyranny had influence on users’ lives which are connected to imagination and reality. “The gap was revealed between the life inside the game of the world view of medieval times and the current life living in the democratic world of extended personal liberty,” writes the author of <Bartz Historia>, Woon-Ha Myeong. This war lasted five years and came to an end, expelling the dictator.

This exhibition is organized in the way to move the online MMORPG structure to an off-line art gallery. The artists invited to the show are divided into five phases of character, NPC(Non Player Character), quest, reward and realization. Through the event of “Bartz Revolution”, the exhibition reads a slice of life in our times grouped and globalized in the game. Sometimes, these two worlds are united, and other times split drastically.
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