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Bad Boys Here and Now
Period/ 2009.10.17(Sat) ~ 2010.01.03(Sun)
Tae Hun Kang, Seoung Wook Koh, Jung Nam Ko, Sang Don Kim, Seong Ryong Kim, Yun Ho Kim, Hyuen Jun Kim, Hyun Na, Suntag Noh, Mixrice, Kyong Ju Park, Young Gyun Bark, Jung Hyuk Park, Chan Kyoung Park, Young Whan Bae, Joung Heon Bae, Seung Woo Back, Dae Yong Byun, Pyoung Joo Seo, Sang Hee Song, Songfeel, Yangachi, Jung Soo Yang, Jung Ho Oak, Bi Ho Ryu, Gang Woo Lee, Moon Joo Lee, Set Byul Li, Wonseok I, Minouk Lim, Joonho Jeon, Joseoub, Dongwhan J, Haejun Jo, Onejoon Choi, Flying City, Kyungah Ham

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents an annual exhibit of “A Tendency of Contemporary art : Ex n Ex” that introduces artists with a variety of media and genres in Contemporary art under the context of “Experimentation and Expansion. In this year’s exhibit entitled “New Political Art in Korea since the 1990s : Bad Boys Here and Now,” we intend to take a glimpse of the current location of political art by looking into the way the contemporary art of Our times is engaged and spoken in the Socio-political climate. This exhibition features artists in their 20s to 40s who are working on the experimentations and practices of a new paradigm political art from the 1990s to the present. Passing on the spirit of Minjung Art(People’s art) on the one hand, and having embodied the sensibility of Postmodernism and created aesthetic discourses encompassing both the local and the global on the other hand, the artists are writing a new chapter of Korean political art history. We invite you to our exhibit of ‘Bad Boys’ that features many artists who agreed to participate despite the differences in generations and media.
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