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GMoMA Collection Highlights
Period/ 2018.08.14(Tue) ~ 2018.11.25(Sun)
Venue/ Exhibition Hall
Since the opening in 2006, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (GMoMA) has focused on collecting Korean contemporary artworks post-1950’s in diverse genres including traditional Korean painting, painting, sculpture, photography, installation, and new media. That effort has now reached about 559 pieces. They were purchased through external announcements and the research of the curators (86%), donated by participating artists in special exhibitions (11%), and gathered from the management of Gyeonggi Creation Center (3%) over the last 12 years. The majority are representative artworks of known artists of the 1970’s to 1980’s and the representative work of contemporary artists in Korea after the 1990’s.

For this exhibition the curators of GMoMA selected representative artworks in the collection by considering its value in the context of art history and contemporary scenes. The curators conducted three meetings to select appropriate work for the exhibition from among the 559 pieces; 99 pieces were selected to represent GMoMA. Then among those 99 pieces, 25 were selected for the exhibition according to the limitations of the space and their frequency in prior exhibitions. The works that were excluded from this exhibition also will be introduced to the public through the collection book under the same title, published to celebrate the 12th year of the opening on October 25th.

GMoMA Collection Highlights is intended to promote the value of Gyeonggi-do’s artistic cultural resources and to report on the last twelve years of GMoMA in conducting its role of public museum. It is also an excellent opportunity to appreciate the work of representative contemporary artists of Korea together at one event.
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