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Color Pool
Period/ 2015.09.17(Thu) ~ 2016.08.28(Sun)
Kang Un, Kho Nak-beom, Quac In-sik, Kim Gui-line, Kim Bong-tae, Kim Soo-Yeon, Kim Shin-il, Kim Hee-jung, Noh Sang-gyun, Moon Bum, Moon Bong-sun, Park Sung-soo, Park Hyung-geun, Bang Myung-joo, Apparat-c, Yang Ju-hae, Ryu Bi-ho, Yoo Hyun-mi, Yun Suk-nam, Yoon Jeong-mee, Yoon Jeong-won, Rhee Ki-bong, Lee Ki-il, Lee Min-ho, Lee Bul, Lee jae-sam, Lee Jin-hyeck, Jeong Kwang-ho, Jeong Zik-seong, Hong Myung-seop, Hyun Hong

Colors have always been with us in our lives. All kinds of colors – natural colors like the blue sky, green fields and flaming sunsets, ones for social consensus such as traffic control signals and various warning signs, those which stand for nations or institutions, and those adorning the moments of birth and death – are very precious to shape our lives.

Colors talk of many things to us. Animals intimidate others by using their protective coloration, or hide by blending into the background. Some colors make us happy, and others depress our gloomy mind all the more. That is, colors can express the people’s state of mind or heal their wounded hearts. Colors employed in an artwork can be understood in a very different manner from their general concepts depending on its intention.

The exhibition of Color Pool offers an opportunity to see colors surrounding us in a new way through works of art. One color in a work changes the layers of the meaning endlessly coupled with its relevant people, history and small memories, creating a new story.

We hope that this exhibition would be a valuable chance to find out the meanings of colors which pervade every aspect of our lives.
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