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CRAFT CLIMAX: Gyeonggi Contemporary Craft 2017
CRAFT CLIMAX 포스터 이미지입니다 The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is unveiling a contemporary craft exhibition on a large scale to mark the 11th anniversary of its opening. This exhibition brings together works by 32 craft artists in the fields of woodcraft, textile art, metalcraft, ceramics, and glasswork who have lived or actively worked mainly in the Gyeonggi area.

Contemporary Korean craft has made sustained efforts to create a place of its own at the crossroads of art and industry and the interface between art and design. Craftsmen have made constant forays into extending the domains of their expression, broadening the range of the materials they use, and seeking out new innovations as they reinterpret our traditions and move beyond the boundaries of genres on the two tr acks of practicality and artistry.

The exhibition is largely divided into four sections: Part 1 The Land of master craftsmen, in search of contemporary Gyeonggi craft ; Part 2 Use and elegance, harmony between naturalness and artificiality; Part 3 House with craft ; and Part 4 Craft workshops . We hope it could be more than enough for you to feel the taste and beauty of contempor ary craft.
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