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Creative and Vigorous Lives
Period/ 2011.10.20(Thu) ~ 2011.12.18(Sun)
KWON Young-Woo, MIN Jung-Ki, YUN Suknam, CHO Sung-Mook

To mark its fifth anniversary, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Creative and Vigorous Lives, an exhibition shedding light on work of four artists who live and work in the Gyeonggi Province. Kwon, Young-Woo who attained modern achievements in Korean-style painting; Yun, Suknam, the godmother of Korean feminist art; Cho, Sung-Mook raising sculpture to the object of thinking; and Min Jung-Ki encapsulating history and narratives in landscapes all are Gyeonggi Province artists representing Korean art of the times.

Through their long life journeys these artists have nurtured creative arts with the subject matter they meet in daily life, such as man, nature, objects, and phenomena. Despite their old age, near or over 70, these artists present the results of their vigorous creative activities. Their lives have been a continuation of creativity, originality, and innovation. Wishing that their lives could be continuously creative and luxuriant like a thick forest, the museum has titled the exhibition Creative and Vigorous Lives.

It is expected we can feel their eternal creative ‘youth’ beyond the physical limits of age, and their real worth as people, before artists through this show.
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