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Different and Special
Period/ 2012.08.01(Wed) ~ 2012.10.07(Sun)
The GMoMA presents Different and Special, an exhibition that brings the works of Korean, American, and Japanese disabled artists together in 2012. There are many types of disabilities but this exhibition focuses primarily on developmental disorders that are the hardest to understand and recognize and for which there has been a lack of institutional support for social adaptation. Distinctive aesthetics incarnated by artists with developmental disorders living in a unique, special world are presented from a new perspective in approximately 400 works including paintings, drawings, three-dimensional works, installations, and videos. These are superb works of contemporary art that convey distinctive stories alongside relevant materials.

This exhibition is particularly meaningful in that it is intended to play a part in enhancing public awareness of the disabled by a medium of creative results by developmentally disabled Korean, American, and Japanese artists who communicate with the world through their artistic accomplishments. This type of exhibition which showcases the possibilities of art by the disabled is unprecedented in the world. In addition, it also seeks to secure a vision in which the disabled are able to be happy and attain self-realization through creating artwork irrespective of their talents.

The GMoMA has done its utmost to carry out its public assignments through a constant interest in social art projects designed to make the world better through art. Part of such an endeavor, this project has been achieved through collaborations between the museum and the Korean, American, and Japanese disabled artists organizations. This is a comprehensive outgrowth of efforts made by innumerable institutions and individuals who have tried to rectify prejudices against the disabled which cause them to become objects of hatred or compassion.
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