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Everybody has a Story
Period/ 2014.07.17(Thu) ~ 2014.10.05(Sun)
SONG Myungjin, YANG junguk, WOON Minseop, JANG Unui, JEON Mirai, JUNG sungwon, JUNG Haejung, KIM Jihee, CHA Hyelim
<br/. Contemporary art sometimes stimulates the curiosity of audiences by puzzling them. Sometimes it is so difficult to understand that it makes the audience – one who would otherwise appreciate it – give up. At times it is hard to know the meaning of the work without hearing the purpose of the work directly from the artist, curator, or docent. The moment an artwork is out of the artist’s hands, the interpretation and appreciation of an artwork is given over to an audience, however audiences are still curious about the real intentions behind the work.

This exhibition attempts to interpret the artworks of nine artists-in-residence at Gyeonggi Creation Center from their miscellaneous ‘stories.’ Their stories are difficult to categorize under one theme. The audience will encounter stories of artists with artworks, what inspired the artists to begin the present works, what they try to say through their works, the back-stories that everyone is curious about. Everybody has his/her own story – perhaps contemporary artists have their own stories too? In these stories, we would be able to empathize and communicate with the artists’ thoughts.

Through the Everybody has a Story exhibition, in pursuit of introducing the various creative tendencies in the field of contemporary art, we hope to provide a very absorbing place for the nine artists’ artworks. We also expect this to be an opportunity that breaks the bias that ‘contemporary art is difficult.’
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