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Exhibition of the GCC Residence Artist: KANG Soyoung liilliil_Voyage to Silence; Swaying Waves
Period/ 2012.08.15(Wed) ~ 2012.09.16(Sun)
KANG Soyoung liilliil

A sound installation work of the roar of the waves as a symbolic being which connects islands in East Asia under turbulence. The weight of a curved history is replaced with the roar of the waves from the fresh vast Pacific Ocean. An overall concept of the exhibition is relaxation and pipingness to leave for the shores of islands. The audience can move freely to an island where he/she wants in a hammock, and even enjoy the exhibition lying on it.

Baengnyeongdo, Dokdo, Marado and Gageodo, Kinmen, Okinawa. The East Asian islands in turbulence hold on life against the force of destiny, being poised. In a silent space, the waves of the Pacific Ocean resonate through the space as they are. On a trip to Marado with two sound engineers and a underwater cinematographer for two nights and three days in May 2009, the sound was recorded at a steep cliff of the southernmost coast beach, choosing a quieter time in the middle of night. For this, six microphones and six digital recorders were employed to capture the vivid sound of nature. Tho sound of the waves transports people from one to another space in a breath. The audience would experience as if he/she were in the vast and wide sea of the tip of an island, swinging in a hammock. Images collected from six islands are compiled in four drawing books. People who have never been met before, undiscovered landscapes which have been changed as time passes and hidden facets of tough survival would be faced while slowly turning over the leaves of the paper books. Similar as well as different memories kept in each island are reminisced through this drawing books.

Excluded is Installation which is high-handed, cumbersome and felt the weightiness. The display of the drawing books within his/her reach as the audience lies. Placing a music stand, he/she turns over the leaves of drawings as if looking at musical notes. He/she sets off for a journey to barren islands where are leisurely and far-off while turning the drawing books of hand-made bookbinding one by one page. The map on the project gallery floor is set up according to the geopolitical standard of each island.
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