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Family Study
Period/ 2010.03.16(Tue) ~ 2010.05.09(Sun)
Kim Gwang Woo, Kim Se Jin, Kim Ok Sun, Kim Chang Kyum, Park Won Joo, Bae Young Whan, Yoo Hyun M, Yun Suk Nam, Yoon Jeong Mee, Lee Sun Min, Lee Yeong Sup, Lee Won Seok, Lee Lee Nam, Yi Jin Won, Jang Mun Geol, Jeong Bo Young, Jeong Jae Seok, Jeong Jeong Ju, Joo Song Yeol, Hyun Hye Sung

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Spring exhibition with 23 museum collection putting in stories of home in our everyday life. Home in these days appears a broad variety images in accordance with the change of society. There are lots of difference in ways of reading relationship among family members as well as our life-style of dwelling. The exhibition space will be transformed into home theater running through thousand tales encountered a number of different desires of each members of the family. Home, the smallest unit of the society, we hope you have an opportunity to remind and look back what makes the home in change incredibly and how this home extends to the place for reunion and healing beyond dreams and love, hurt and solitude through this exhibition.
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