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Fluid Form Ⅰ
Period/ 2010.07.06(Tue) ~ 2010.08.22(Sun)
Fluid Form I, an exhibition to shed light on Arab countries’ modern urban design and art aims to explore how humanity’s existence, population movement, and identity alteration reflect, influence, and interact with one another, bringing contemporary Arab art and architecture in the era of globalized communication to the spotlight. It is also intended to examine the past, present, and future urban topographic maps of the Gulf countries through visual materials. Since the 1990s, the Gulf region (Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai) have been test sites for primary architects throughout the world. A new town directly affects culture, leisure, and economy. Social conventions kept by architects and engineers in this region and their bilateral collaborations need to be analyzed in order to grasp the process of any structural growth in a new habitation and sense any transformation. Projects by architects, engineers, and futurists in the Gulf area exercise a grave impact, overcoming regional limitations.

Fluid Form I is an exploration of a new process of architecture anchored in the environment where the formation of sympathy with humanity is made, intending to share cultural moves both in the Arab countries and Korea, new alternatives through contemporary art that represents urban topographic maps in the Gulf region, and human emotions through which humans interact in this space.
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