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Lines in Space
Period/ 2007.02.27(Tue) ~ 2007.04.29(Sun)
The exhibition Lines in Space aims to explore the new media of expression and expand the domain of representation and the new potential of art through an array of contemporary Korean sculptures and installations whose linear properties particularly stand out. The art show features artworks by 39 sculptors and installation artists who have represented their unrestricted ideas and carried out diverse experiments with form using metal, steel wire, and other flexible materials such as tape, fabric, lasers, and even sound. This exhibition to display unconstrained works free from gravity, volume, and mass will be a special site where viewers are able to experience a new space, time, dimension, material property, mass, and structure. This sculpture project to take place at GMoMA’s galleries and its beautiful open-air park will be followed by the Hwarang Camp Sculpture Park Project.
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