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Lobby gallery Exhibition: Jinnie Seo
Period/ 2007.05.01(Tue) ~ 2007.09.30(Sun)
– Jinnie Seo

– The upcoming exhibition at Lobby Gallery was designed to make the museum’s lobby space stand out and enable visitors to better perceive its entire space. The exhibition of Jinnie Seo, a post-monochrome artist who shares the aesthetic trend with Park Seo-Bo, will take place here in the lobby. Seo abandoned the widely accepted idea that paintings should be hung on a wall when she began to engage in painting. She manages to extensively evolve three-dimensional drawing through her concerns about space which she has been dealing with in her past two-dimensional works, presenting a new possibility in painting. Such concerns have enabled her to experience the multifarious layers of a venue and it is they that seem to have motivated her to interpret the exhibit space from a new perspective. Her constant visual and psychological exploration of space is, after all, done to seek out a multiple and comprehensive coexistence between pictorial space and spatial painting. In this exhibition, the process of installing artworks will be made open to the public, providing viewers with more interesting things to see. Born in Seoul in 1963, Jinnie Seo majored in biology at New York University and received her master’s degree in painting from its graduate school. She deepened her studies at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. She has taken part in numerous solo and groups exhibitions in Seoul and New York.
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