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Bin Woohyuk’s Luftzeichner (Air Painter) – Quantum Jump 2017, 4 Artists Relay Show
Period/ 2018.01.04(Thu) ~ 2018.02.18(Sun)
The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art holds Luftzeichner (Air Painter) by Bin Woohyuk from January 4 through February 18 as the last exhibition of the ‘Quantum Jump’ 2017, 4 Artists Relay Shows.

Bin Woohyuk has worked on painting forests in silence so as to shut himself out from the pain that comes with a hard life. For the last five years, the ‘German forests’ that he has painted have been a symbolic space for calmness and healing, freeing the artist from the agitations and complicated mentalities that result from adverse circumstances and dark past memories. He expressed the complexities of his rough feelings with charcoal in these early works. In the paintings on display at this exhibition that deliver bright colors and meticulous details, however, you can take a glimpse into the calm and more organized feelings of the artist with the changes in material and method.

“The forests and the forest landscapes, or, differently put, most of my paintings, are both the remnants and byproducts of the resistance to personal sorrow and distress that have been so hard to overcome. I had a habit of visiting forests to find consolation in my childhood. But when I became an adult, I faced a reality that hindered me from visiting any green spaces. Finally, I escaped that reality to reach the German forests and reclaim my old habit, and they gave me the comfort that I had sought. I accepted the process of taking strolls and drawing in order to smile bigger when I felt sadder and to give comfort to myself even when I am in greater pain, and to hide my feelings. The landscape that seems to lack any story for anyone but myself will ironically prove the reason for the silence.” – From the artist’s notes
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