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Park Seo-Bo Today, Playing with Color
Period/ 2007.05.11(Fri) ~ 2007.07.08(Sun)
Park Seo-Bo

PARK Seo-Bo has been a key artist in contemporary Korean painting. He has been recognized as a pathfinder in contemporary Korean art, constantly engaging in monochromes he refers to as “ecriture.” After 55 years of artistic experience, the exhibition he will join at the GMoMA this year will help set up criterion to interpret his art in a new way. This show is designed to cast light on his recent works, focusing primarily on his latest pursuit of art. The year 2000 was a turning point for Park as it was then that his art made a shift from achromatic monochromes to chromatic monochromes. This shift can be interpreted as something upgraded and expanded that brought a new aesthetic attempt to discover color to his preexisting frame of “ecriture.” Stemming from nature, his colors can be described as spiritual tonalities filtered in a process of sublimation through meditation. Park displays the culmination of an artistic purification by lending unrefined colors commonly found in our surroundings to his canvas. What is most important in his color “ecriture” is a balance between time and light.

Starting from elaborate drawings, his works involve soaking sheets of hanji, a type of Korean paper, in water for several hours before placing them on a canvas. He then shapes a myriad of grooves on its surface through recurring actions, applies color to the canvas after it has hardened and then frames it. The passage of time in this process cannot be overlooked. This span of time is either part of his work or part of his painting. His artwork produced in such a way is reborn as a new color in relation to the amount of light in a space, which denotes why his work is coupled with light. In this sense his color “ecriture” can be defined as a work in which the spirit coexists with the body and time coexists with space. PARK Seo-Bo Today, Playing with Color will serve as a special opportunity to grasp the trajectory of the aesthetic change he has ultimately pursued through intense yet graceful tonalities.
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