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Period/ 2011.04.15(Fri) ~ 2011.06.26(Sun)
KANG Un, KIM Seung Young, KIM Tai Kyun, ROE Dong Shik, PARK Sung Soo, PARK So Young, PARK Yong Seok, Bang Myung Joo, LEE Myoung Ho, LEE Lee Nam, CHEONG Kwang Ho, CHUNG Seo Young, Project Group YUP

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents <rest,> in this new Spring after long winter than usual. We would like to revalue of our home and layup in particular. House and home are the most precious place at the end of our day in fatigue nevertheless its size and members. In this time of month for family, we volunteer to be your shelter making an armchair ourselves for whom find out art is weary once Henry Matisse said.

By re-encounting natural landscape through artistic touch, the exhibition space changed into the truly resting place. Moreover, lots of motifs regarding the ‘rest’ at home which accommodate for relaxation throughout various artworks. There are chairs spreading out the exhibition space for watching and rest. They are slightly beyond the certain forms in terms of materials and shapes. Find these chairs some point in the space and enjoy the works with such a cozy posture in free than usual.

<rest,> is not the exhibition that you need to stand up but sit, off your feet, lean and much more slowly to take.

We would like you to take an opportunity for meditating what would be the true meaning of ‘shim’ in your term through participating works for this exhibition including some part of our collection. Moreover, we like to provide you experience in various ways sharing with your beloved ones.
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