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The Breath of Fresh
Period/ 2014.10.17(Fri) ~ 2014.11.16(Sun)
GU Minja, KI Seulki, NA Kwangho, BAEK Jungki, SHIN Dongwon, AN Gyungsu, AN Jungju, LEE Sungmi, CHOI Haeri

Following the last year, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents the second annual exhibition that brings together new works of 9 promising artists.

This exhibition is made possible as part of the supporting program for promising visual artists in the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation, which has supported creative activities of artists in various genres since it was founded in the previous year. This exhibition introduces new pieces from promising artists dealing with various subject matters ranging from the personal interests of the artists to wider social issues. Furthermore, it will examine the current art scene of Gyeonggi-do. We hope this exhibition to be a meaningful opportunity that might suggest the vision of the future of Korean art.
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