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The Discovery of Space
Period/ 2016.09.13(Tue) ~ 2017.08.27(Sun)
Kang Hong-goo, Kwon Ki-soo, Jaye Moon, Park Yong-seok, Studio COM, Oh Yong-seok, Won Sung-won, Yoo Hyun-mi, Yoon Min-seop, Lee Kun-yong, Lee Sun-min, Im Sang-bin, Lim Taek, Jang Sung-un, Jeon Joon-ho, Jeong Jeong-ju, Zu Do-yang, Han Kwang-woo, Han Sung-pil

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents an educational exhibition of 《The Discovery of Space》 on the theme of “space” among the main elements of art. This exhibition has newly interpreted about 20 works from the museum’s collection. It is a part of the art educational business of the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, which is served to share the pleasure of art with kids, teens and families.

Although we are surrounded by others, objects and space, we are hardly conscious or aware of the space around us to be special in our daily lives. By recreating, interpreting and expressing “the space”, however, the visual arts have fiercely tried to capture the world. The exhibition introduces the works which demonstrate artistic endeavor to see the space with new eyes through the medium of bodies, some works which enable us to explore various meanings and stories about the space we live, and others which show illusions and virtual space created by the power of imagination. Apart from the collection of the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, the exhibition includes Jaye Moon’s maze sculpture composed of Legos, an installation work for spatial experience from the design project group, COM and Kwangwoo Han’s site-specific art harmonized by a mirror effect, objects and space. This will give visitors a unique time to discover “the space” newly again.
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