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Travel Art-Artists on the Road
Period/ 2012.05.04(Fri) ~ 2012.07.15(Sun)
We are living in a society with full of information and knowledge and if we cannot create something new our of that, we fall behind in the competition. Since the Industrial Revolution, material civilization which was born from the revolution, becoming aggressively in the name of globalization expanded in the Western worldlike locomotive without brake. Therefore we are now in need of hunger about alternative ideology and unique way of thinking as the society being confronted by catastrophe.

In Sparks of Genius. The Thirteen Thinking Tools of the World’s Most Creative People written by the Root-Bernsteins, they say that our power of thinking is developed not by seeing, listening, reading much but rather depending on thoughtful thinking of the other side of text or music that we read and listen. Creative thinking can start from that point and has got its rhythm. Reaching towards our way or style of creativity is not easy task.

One of the examples in the book, Luciano Pavarotti is the case of doing imagination work on the music than singing in front of the piano. It is visualization of hearing. ‘Abalokistesvara’ would be the same term in regards to watching the sound, Leonardo da Vinci also used to do pattern recognition where he pop into new thinking such as he looked at mountain, river, and rock as well as imagining battle scene or drawing strange faces in his head at the same time. In other words, da Vinci was able to multiple thinking or imagination out of one particular object, scenary etc. Like so, artists eventually find a way of their creativity and its stage in differentiation.

Travel Art – Artists on the Road exhibition, 18 artists here: visual artist, novelist, documentary photographer, aesthetician and carpenter used travel as an instrument to fasten and loosen their thought. We named it ‘Travel Art’, some did like pilgrimage through penance walking, some did bicycle riding or with a car on the road, some did sailing or flying. They all tried towards completion of creativeness with their own rhythm around them and world outside.

With this exhibition, we suggest you to make your own travel. It would be good if you can set your idea and practice of your different thought. We hope each of us can find significance in our life and shape creativeness throughout journey in this earth, Our special thanks to all the participated artists, Samsung Museum of Art Leeum for lending works and the bereaved family of artist, Yiso Bahc.
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