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Building and Facilities
Building area: 8,277m2
Two stories above ground

268 Dongsan-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do Province
(Located in Hwarang Amusement Park)
Architecture and Storage
Gyeonggi MoMA’s building was designed by an Italian architect, Guido Canali, and planned by Korean architecture firm, Yetap. Completed in September 2006, the museum building appears like a ship that sits low on the water to be in harmony with the surroundings. The large glass structure, symbolizing a sail, cuts through the middle of the building and maintains the visual balance of the building.

The museum is equipped with the very latest equipment suitable for the preservation of artwork and provides an ideal environment for maintaining the collection in an efficient and systematic way.
Main Gallery
The Main Gallery is comprised of a large gallery with an 8.5 meter-high ceiling and four other smaller galleries of 3.6 meters in height. The galleries are arranged organically, allowing the composition of exhibitions to vary according to the characteristics of each specific exhibition.

Project Gallery
The Project Gallery is conceived to accommodate experimental and challenging artworks, thus enhancing visitors’ appreciation understanding of the latest trends of contemporary art through the displays of novel and dynamic works.

Outdoor Exhibition Area
Within the vast complex of Hwarang Amusement Park, Gyeonggi MoMA has an outdoor exhibition area that presents sculptures and other media works. It also functions as an outdoor events venue.
Education Space
Educational Experience Room
This is a space for educational activities where visitors can comfortably engage directly in the programs, all of which are designed to make people feel as if they are friends with art.

Edu Lounge
Located in the lobby, the Edu Lounge hosts diverse programs for the museum, including educational programs and events. It also serves as a relaxation area when none of the programs are being conducted.

Multi Lounge
Multi Lounge hosts education programs and events including mini-lectures in the aisle on the second floor. When there is no program or event in this space, visitors can also rest in this lounge.

Dream Studio Class
Dream Studio Class is a space for education, located in the gallery on the second floor. It runs a wide range of art education programs for students.

This 140-seat auditorium is equipped with lighting and sound facilities for projecting images and staging performances. It is a multi-purpose space that accommodates exhibition briefing sessions, special lectures, concerts, film festivals.

Seminar Room
Mini-lectures and forums are held in the Seminar Room. It is used as an interactive space for the local community through holding lecture programs and forums with Gyeonggi artists.
Lobby Library
Located on the first floor, the Lobby Library specializes in art magazines and catalogs. The library has approximately 500 catalogs and 50 different Korean and foreign art magazines, which amount to more than 2,000 copies.

Art Shop
The Art Shop is a souvenir shop for Gyeonggi MoMA where art products, exhibition catalogs, and various art books can be purchased.

Visitors are invited to take a break in MoMA Café and appreciate the surrounding sceneries of the lakeside and woods from the terrace over the water.

Nursing Room
The Nursing Room is a convenient facility for nursing babies and toddlers that is open during the museum hours. It is a cozy and private space where users can also enjoy the natural surroundings.

Outdoor Deck
The Outdoor Deck is an open air space that extends from the main exhibition hall. Built with a wooden floor and metal framework, it is used for different events and occasions, including exhibition opening ceremonies, hands-on activities, and other events.
1st Floor
1st floor
2nd Floor
2nd floor