Museum identity

카카오톡으로 퍼가기구글플러스로 퍼가기페이스북으로 퍼가기트위터로 퍼가기

Word Mark
The MI of the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art has been visually represented through a word mark that has as its basic concept a sail, which is the figurative form of the building.

Workmark Concept
The English initials of the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art have been figuratively arranged and suggest the image of a sail that protrudes from the building structure based on simple point graphics. The bottom of the word mark has been expressed as a wave image, figuratively communicating the reflection of the waves of the lakes that surround the museum. It projects an image of the Gyeonggido Museum of Art as a space for open culture that communicates with the general public and breathes along with nature as well as the flexibility and passion of the museum reflected on the lakes.

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