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Another Masterpiece: 2008 New acquisitions
Period/ 2009.01.23(Fri) ~ 2009.03.31(Tue)
73 artists including mid-carrier artists such as PARK Sukwon, SHIM Moonseup, YUN Suknam, LEE Bul, CHUNG Seoyoung and rising artists such as KWON Osang, PARK Junebum, WON Sungbin, IM Sangbin, and JO Seub

The GMoMA unveils Another Masterpiece: 2008 New Acquisitions as its first exhibition of 2009 from January 23. On show at the exhibition are works the museum collected in 2008. The art show features 92 pieces including works by midcareer artists like PARK Sukwon, SHIM Moonseup, YUN Suknam, LEE Bul, CHUNG Seoyoung and up-and-coming artists including KWON Osang, PARK Junebum, WON Sungbin, IM Sangbin, and JO Seub. The museum has established the range of time for its collection as the period from the 1950s when Korean artists started experimenting with abstract art in earnest up to the present, reflecting its role as a contemporary art museum to present the flow and direction of contemporary art. Its collections are largely categorized into four types: historical masterworks before the 1990s, presently active artists’ major works after the 1990s, works corresponding to the museum’s identity and its management policy among pieces displayed at the museum’s project exhibitions, and works of public art for the formation of the museum’s outdoor sculpture park. The art show to be held at the GMoMA’s galleries, lobby, and open-air space from January 23 through March 31, 2009 serves as an opportunity not only to show the museum’s achievements of last year but also to showcase a plurality of endeavors and streams in contemporary art through its collections. In addition, this also serves as momentum to share the artistic value of the museum’s collection that is a public property with viewers.

Their proposals are completed through the participation of Ansan citizens, Gyeonggi residents, and viewers from home and abroad. In this respect, this architectural show can be seen as a proposal to globalize locality. I am deeply grateful to these four architects for their attempts to break down the lines between art and everyday life, the world and a region. At the same time, pay homage to their aesthetic will and creative desire to redefine and expand the concept and sphere of communicable art and engagement art in the name of architecture, also thank the staff from each architectural office forgiving their unsparing support, as well as those who made efforts to install the works at the exhibit venue.
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