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2020 Young Artist Project Ⅱ Chair Flying
2020 Young Artist Project Ⅱ Chair Flying
2020 0619_ChairFlying
Period/ 2020.06.18(Thu) ~ 2020.09.13(Sun)
Venue/ Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art Project Gallery
Organized by
Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation
Hosted by
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art
Supported by
Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art(GMoMA) will introduce Chair Flying created by GIM IKHYUN in the second exhibition of the Young Artists Project. ‘Young Artists Project’ is the annual project of GMoMA which introduces the arts works of promising young artist, gaining attention in the field of contemporary arts and help inspire their creativity. Especially, the exhibition this time tried to seek new possibilities of young artists based in Gyeonggi Province and help them unleash their creativity. After getting recommendation from external experts and having discussion in the curatorial team of the museum, GIM IKHYUN(b.1985) was selected as the artist for the Young Artists Project this time among handpicked artists.

GIM IKHYUN is an artist, mostly creating photo and video works and his works connect the past and the present, cross over the boundaries of reality and virtual. At the exhibition, new video works and photos will be displayed and it will be a great opportunity to meet and experience the extended world of artist GIM IKHYUN’s creativity.

The title of the exhibition ‘Chair Flying’ means a pilot training tool for flight visualization with simulation of the entire process from take off to landing and it is deemed as most practical tool to train for actual flight. However, chair flying is an only fundamental training, pilots can preserve their qualification of aviation through the actual flying(reality) and the flight simulator(imagination). In other words, reality and imagination are considered part of the same in flying. But as flying has decreased, he suggests us to take a flight into a new arena with chair flying which is a very fundamental training tool. In his new work for this show, Chair Flying (2020), a pilot does chair flying from Jeju to Gimpo, but he goes nowhere in fact. These scenes from the work overlap with the reality where only inbound flights are there while no outbound flight takes off at the airport. However, the artist explains that the pilot flies somewhere beyond the reality. Another new work 42,000 ft (2020), indicating the maximum altitude of flying for a private plane, shows a flight from Incheon Airport to Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and returns back to Incheon. The artist discovers similar finds between 42,000 ft where pilots cannot feel times and speeds and a very fast-changing society today. Following the continuous flow of supple and witty text, the audience suddenly encounters different reality. In this exhibition guiding the audience to experience new pattern of life after COVID-19, enjoy your own ‘Chair Flying’ listening to the boarding music.
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