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Collection Reconstructed
Period/ 2008.03.15(Sat) ~ 2008.05.05(Mon)
The collection of an art museum is of special significance in that it plays a key role in pointing out its direction to move forward and establishing its identity. Its collection is not only a public cultural asset but the ground for its existence and a crucial factor to demonstrate its future vision. Policies and directions for this collection were established based on an analysis of preexisting collections and collections carried out through the process of very active, in-depth discussions last year.

The scope of contemporary art was set as the period after the 1950s when artistic experiments were conducted in Korea in earnest. As a result, works to be collected were categorized into four kinds: historical works whose artistic value is evidenced, works that clarify the flow of contemporary art, works that are among pieces exhibited at the museum’s project art shows and correspond to the museum’s purpose, and works that were entered into competitions. This policy further reinforced expertise in collecting works and is dedicated to acquiring quality artworks through a wide range of channels. Collection Reconstructed is the GMoMA’s collection exhibition that feature newly acquired works from last year and previously acquired works included in its already established collections by bringing them together. Our hope is that you may feel the museum’s effort and enthusiasm through the exhibition that is an outgrowth of its research and discussion over the past year.
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