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Creation Anatomy
Period/ 2008.07.19(Sat) ~ 2008.09.15(Mon)
KOO Donghee, KIM Min Jeong, KIM Yun Soo, Mioon, PARK Eunsun, PARK June bum, BAE Jong Heon, OH Sang-taek, YOO Hyun-mi, LIgyung, LEE Min-ho, Lee hai min sun, LIM Taek, JEONG So Youn, HONG Kyoung Tack The exhibition demonstrates both stages in the process of various creation along with completed artworks by contemporary artists.

Unlike other art shows that exhibit only finished pieces, through this exhibition we intend to visualize the psychological and technological aspects used in the process of creating work. This will provide an interesting opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of contemporary artwork.
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