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Hwang Gyunghyun’s Drawing Room – Quantum Jump 2016
Period/ 2017.01.17(Tue) ~ 2017.02.12(Sun)
The last exhibition to be held for Quantum Jump 2016 is Drawing Room by Hwang Gyunghyun. Hwang Gyunghyun (1990-) is a participating artist of the Gyeonggi Creation Center’s Creative Residency Program, and has recorded what he has seen throughout the nation over the last 2-3 years by drawing with conté on paper. In the Project Gallery, visitors can enjoy his works depicting the landscapes of Jungang Station in Ansan and Seoul Station, etc. under the title of Drawing Room. There will be an L-shaped drawing (installed on the wall and floor) and a scroll drawing that has rolled up edges to suggest the expansion of the screen. Drawing Room not only focuses on the stories in the drawings, but also on how the works are consumed by the audience. Six types of drawings including frame (3 pieces), scroll (1 piece), L-shape (1 piece), split (1 piece), arch (1 piece), and space (1 piece) will be on display.
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