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Eonni is Back
Period/ 2008.10.01(Wed) ~ 2009.01.04(Sun)
Kang Eun-soo, KIM In-soon, Kim Ju-yeon, KIM Jin-sook, Kim Hui-jeong, RYU Jun-hwa, Park Yeong-sook, Bang Jeong-ah, Bong In-ok, Son Kuk-yeon, Son Jeong-eun, Song Sang-hee, AHN Jinu, WON Seong-won, Yoon Seok-nam, LEE Min, Lee Su-young, Lee Soon-jong, Lee Soon-ju, Lee Eun-shil, Jang Ji-ah, JEONG Eun-Young, Jeong Jeong-yeop, Cho Deok-hyeon, Taeyie, HA Cha-yeon, Hong Hyeon-sook

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art features an annual Gyeonggi Art Project highlighting art in Gyeonggi Province that addresses the socio-political and cultural issues of the region. “Eonni is Back” is its second project to get a glimpse of women art of today in this region (Eonni means “sister” when you call the same sex in the same blood mostly but among Korean women, we use this expression casually to call older girls than ourselves).

Gyeonggi Province has been producing a number of female artists who have made significant contributions in the history of Korean women art. A pivotal figure in modern women art, RhaHye-seok, was based on Suwon City, central south of Gyeonggi Province and Yun Suknam, a pioneer of contemporary feminist art, works in her Hwaseong studio, western south of Gyeonggi Province. Through this exhibition showing influential female artists, who have been expanded the legacy of the two artists, we attempt to gain an awareness of the past and the present of women’s art in Gyeonggi do and Korea as well.
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