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In the Flâneur’s Eyes
The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art

KIM Bo Joong, KIM Jiseop, KIM Ji Eun, KIM Hyunchul, MIN Sung Hong, PARK Young Gyun, PARK Eun Tae, PARK Hyung Geun, Bang & Lee, BANG Byung Sang, YUN Sabi, LEE Heung Duk, LIM Seung Chun, CHANG Sung Eun, JEOUNG Jae Choul, CHO Hyunik, CHEN Dai Goang, CHOI Kyungsun, HAN Hyo Seok

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is pleased to hold a group exhibition In the Flâneur’s Eyes opening on December 15, 2016. It features the new artworks of promising artists from Gyeonggi Province who were selected for the arts support program, 2016 The Life and Change, of Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation. They have maintained the attitude of ‘flâneur’ which artists are supposed to have: they have observed and recorded what takes place in their everyday life and their surroundings, keeping concern about the various aspects of this highly capitalized, or jeopardized society of our time. We would like to request the honor of your presence in this exhibition which is expected to be a meaningful occasion to look back on this most eventful year.

2016년보라Ⅰ, 2016, 캔버스에 아크릴, 196×484㎝
PARK Young Gyun, 2016 BoraⅡ, 2016, acylic on canvas, 162×336㎝
박은태, 아빠, 2016, 장지에 아크릴, 138.5×102㎝
PARK Euntae, Father, 2016, acrylic on thick korean paper, 138.5×102㎝
박형근, Fishhooks-33, Rainbow dendrites, 2016, c-프린트, 180×120㎝
PARK Hyung Geun, Fishhooks-33, Rainbow dendrites, 2016, c-print, 100×75㎝
장성은, Bubble, 2016, 아카이벌 피그먼트 프린트, 170×127.5㎝
CHANG Sung Eun, Bubble, 2016, archival pigment print, 170×127.5㎝
조현익, 믿음의 도리, 2016, 철판에 유채 및 혼합재료, 스크래치, 나무패널, 488×700㎝
CHO Hyunik, Duty of Faith, 2016, mixed media on iron plate, scratch, wooden panel, 600×900㎝
CHOI Kyungsun, The promise, 2016, oil on canvas, 91×116.5㎝
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