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Hoh Woojung’s Social Fiction – Quantum Jump 2017, 4 Artists Relay Show
Period/ 2017.07.13(Thu) ~ 2017.08.27(Sun)
he Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art holds Social Fiction by Hoh Woojung as the first exhibition of the Quantum Jump 2017, 4 Artists Relay Shows.

Hoh Woojung takes the politics and social issues in Korea as the theme of his work. Based on scandals, corruption, and lies of upper-class figures that are known through the mass media and the internet along with the stories of the individuals who are oppressed in the capitalistic system, the artist creates on canvas a dangerous, urgent, and mysterious scene. Looking like a piece of a comic strip, many of the fictions of Hoh implicitly refer to an upcoming crisis. Their carefully planned, elaborate composition adds to the tension, having the audience concentrate to follow the enigmatic situation that is presented by the artist and interpret it.

The artist’s new and as of yet unreleased works will be displayed at this exhibition. They will be about the questions to the state power put forth by the artist after learning through the media while studying in France about certain accidents and events that have happened in Korea, the limitations on the media that reports the accidents, and the uncertainty and opacity of communication that is caused by the politically selected and publicized information.
Main Works
A Dialogue, 2013, oil on canvas, 195x130cm
대화_2013_캔버스에 유화_195x130cm_허우중 이미지입니다
An Empty House, 2014, oil on canvas, 114x162cm
빈 집_2014_캔버스에 유화_114x162cm_허우중 이미지 입니다
패닉_2013_캔버스에 유화_195x130cm_허우중.jpg 이미지 입니다
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