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Story Blossoms in Art
Period/ 2016.07.07(Thu) ~ 2016.09.18(Sun)
KANG Seok-Ho, KANG Yo Bae, KANG Chang Won, Hyung Koo KANG, KWAK Duck Jun, Shigeko Kubota, GU Bon Woong, KWON Sukja, KIM Dong kyu, KIM Dongsun, KIM Sung Yeon, Sunsik KIM, KIM, Eun – Soon, KIM Chung Sook, KIM Jungsik, KIM Jong-Keun, KIM Jin Young, KIM Whan Ki, NA Heegyeun, NANGOONG Won, PARK Dong-in, PARK Suk Won, Simhyang PARK Seong Moo, PARK Seung Soon, PARK Jin-Hwa, PARK Hyun Ki, Hyunggeun PARK, Hai Ja BANG, PAE mikyung, Nam June Paik, Jong-Hwan BAEK, Shi Ji BYUN, RYU Yeon Bok, Yongsun SUH, SEO Jung Kug, SEOL Kyung-Chul, SUNG Paikjoo, Jin Sook SO, SHIN Cheol, Burn-Soo SONG, Armand Pierre Fernandez, AHN Sang Chul, Simjeon AHN Jung Sik, UM Taejung, Kyungsik YOO, YOO Young Guk, RYU In Soo, Imogen Cunningham, LEE Kun Yong, LEE Man Ik, Cheongjeon LEE SangBum, LEE Soon Suk, Yangjae LEE, LEE Yong, LEE Yong Baek, LEE Hae Kyun, LIM Choong Sup, O-one JANG Seungup, Woljeon CHANG Woosoung, CHANG Soung-Un, CHANG Ucchin, CHANG Jeong Woong, CHUN Hyuk-Lim, CHUNG Kwan-Mo, CHUNG Munkyu, James Rizzi, Sorim CHO Seok Jin, Hyun Sung CHO, CHA Myunghi, Charles JANG, CHOI Seung Chun, CHOO Kyung, HAN Sang A, HAN Sungpil, HEO Hwang

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art (GMOMA) is pleased to present Story Blossoms in Art, an exhibition collated from the collections of 39 museums located in Gyeonggi-do Province on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the opening of GMOMA. Gyeonggi-do Province is the richest art repository, where 50 out of the 190 registered Korean art museums are located. While 11 of them are public institutions, most of them are private museums that were established by art lovers and enthusiasts, in order to share their joy of living with works of art. It was this passion for art that has nurtured the museum culture in Gyeonggi-do Province despite the tough conditions for sustaining it. And now, the museum culture exists not only as a public asset of the province that residents and visitors can enjoy, but also as a valuable cultural heritage to pass down to next generations. This exhibition introduces these museums, flourishing like flowers in full bloom through one hundred masterpieces on display from among their collections. The varied treasured stories embedded in these artworks will be spread and shared through this exhibition. We extend our deep appreciation to the museums that have worked so hard to preserve these valuable cultural assets. Accordingly, your valued interest and support will be much appreciated in expanding and promoting the museums in Gyeonggi-do Province.
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