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Works in the Open Air
Period/ 2010.07.09(Fri) ~ 2010.10.31(Sun)
Ik-Joong Kang Namhee Kwon, Gum, NurI, MeeNa Park, Sang Sook Park, Myung Soo Song, Sulki & Min, Kyuchul Ahn,, Juhae Yang, Young Ho Yoo, Ewan, Lee Ung-Bai, Young Sun Lim, Sang Chun Lee, Dai-Goang Chen, Ki-chang Choi, Seung-Hye Hong

A diversity of public artworks by 18 artists will be spread out in an outdoor sculpture park of the museum. To keep up pace with the Publicity and Openness, which Gyeonggi MoMA is aiming at, site-specific work in the outdoor, temporary and process-oriented land art, eco-friendly and audience participatory sculpture/installation work, graphic arts and signage for practicality and light artwork for night time will be exhibiting. These are all experimental, practical, and also showing an idea of sense of place.
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