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A lie brings bad luck: Adventure of Pinocchio
Period/ 2012.01.05(Thu) ~ 2012.03.04(Sun)
The GMoMA unveils A Lie Brings Bad Luck: The Adventures of Pinocchio, a special exhibition for winter vacation in 2012. The Adventures of Pinocchio, a novel for children by Italian author Carlo Collodi gave children around the world a moral lesson that lying is bad. We are still living in a world where lying is rampant. Adults and children dream of a world where nobody tells a lie, pointing out the evils of telling a lie. We are able to discover astonishingly diverse creative “art” in 460 works on display at the exhibition, such as fairy tale books, antique marionettes, prints, posters, videos, and specially directed sculptural works pertaining to the tale of Pinocchio that are housed in the Hermann Hesse Museum.
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