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Period/ 2011.12.05(Mon) ~ 2012.01.24(Tue)
LEE Jong-Geong, CHOI Hae-Ri, PARK Sung-Yeon, HAN Sung-Pil, KIM In-Bai

This artists featured in this exhibition, all five of them from Korea’s Gyeonggi Province, share the experience of artist residencies in the United States.

LEE Jong-Geong, CHOI Hae-Ri, PARK Sung-Yeon, HAN Sung-Pil, and KIM In-Bai were selected for the program in 2010 and 2011, and spent the time at the International Studio and Curatorial Program (SCP) in New York, the 18th Street Arts Center’s International Visiting Artist Program in Los Angeles, and other residencies. It was an opportunity for them to experience rapidly changing international artists trends and examine new possibilities for Korean Contemporary art on the international art scene. Through the works on display, this show highlights the progressive artistic styles of Gyeonggi’s young artists, along with the potential they present as Cultural intermediates who stand on the margin, paving the way for communication between the domestic and international art worlds.
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