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DMZ Peace Picture Book Project_ Winter Winter Winter, Spring
Period/ 2012.09.19(Wed) ~ 2012.11.25(Sun)
KANG Yo-bae, KANG Ik-joong, KWON Yoon-duck, KIM Tae-eun, KIM Her-yun, KIM Hwan-young, TASHIMA Seizo, MIN Joung-ki, PARK Jun-sik, SUH Yong-sun, SONG Chang, LEE Bo-ram, LEE Uk-bae, LEE Jong-gu, CHUNG Dong-suk, JEONG Seung-gak, JEONG Jong-mee, HAMADA Keiko, HA Tae-bum, HONG Soun, HONG Yao

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition under the title Winter Winter Winter, Spring which is focused on DMZ and peace. This exhibition also invites picture book and contemporary artists from Korea, China and Japan.

‘Record with honest over the past time, share the pain, and make solidarity for peaceful future’ is one of the main purpose of the show. We would like to show 5 picture book with peace messages co-curated by Korea, China and Japan and collected drawings which is on the way in producing, photographs of research trip for this work, some collectable objects altogether this time. You can embrace and grasp the process of producing 1 picture book.

The highlight of this exhibition will be ‘Dialogue’ project by 4 contemporary artists with each picture book with peace message. Devoted to DMZ and peace issue, these artists passionately responding to the theme of each book. Ik-joong Kang-Hamada Keiko, Kim Tae Eun-Lee Yak Bae, Jeong Jong Mi-Keon Yun Duck, Ha Tae Beom-Ya O Hong met each other through their works. It is remarkable when they communicate with integrity and seriousness in their respect and share each other’s feelings, we would like to take notice this is the most precious moment in this exhibition. In other words, it is a suggestion of new way in reading the as a publication art , picture book which has with narrative combined by contemporary art. Moreover, we like to reflect through art by exhibiting DMZ and war, make their voice as a contemporary art apart from ‘Dialogue’ project.

As we always wait so longing for Spring after Winter, this exhibition talks about division, war, peace, solidarity which are historical fact in Korea and artistic imagination weaving of the weft and raw thread, 59 years of cease fire in the present will be also observed.
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