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GMoMA Collection Exhibition
Period/ 2007.01.30(Tue) ~ 2007.04.30(Mon)
The GMoMA displays intimate works chosen from 218 pieces which were collected in a period from 2005 to 2006 under strict guidelines at the first floor open space. These works are always open to view for free, save for every Monday. Upon entering the museum, viewers may see these works in the central hall, lobby, and hallways and they are able to understand with ease and delight by virtue of brief work descriptions. On show at the exhibition are YOO Geuntaek’s contemporary Korean-style paintings featuring modern images using the traditional medium of ink, AHN Sungkeum’s works addressing the severance of communication and the reality of division through Buddhist status divided into two equal parts, and LEE Kiil’s enormous robot installations representing individual and social desires. The status of Gyeonggi Province as the epicenter of artistic creation can be reconfirmed by works of young up-and-coming artists such as CHuN Sungmyung, AHN Jaehong, SHIN Wonjae, and IM Seungchun. In addition, this exhibition is also a showcase of contemporary art today that brings together its collection of works in a wide range of genres and mediums, including a print series by KIM Kulim who is considered a living witness of contemporary Korean art and photographs by ZU Doyang, BANG Myungcheon, and JUNG Hyejin bearing insights into the world. The first floor space, a venue for the collection exhibition, will be used as the lobby gallery where special programs and freestanding events will take place. The GMoMA has formed its new identity through a variety of programs with different concepts and in different forms such as completed exhibitions and ongoing projects. You may feel the museum’s dynamic energy through such occasions.
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