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Joan Miró, Parade of Obsessions
Period/ 2006.10.25(Wed) ~ 2007.01.28(Sun)
Joan Miro

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is scheduled to open on October 25 for the sake of leading 21st century culture and taking local culture and art to the next level. The museum’s inaugural exhibition brings 146 pieces by Joan Miro, a Spanish painter born in Barcelona, together. As its title Joan Miro: Parade of Obsessions intimates, the exhibition’s theme and approach is not like that of other exhibitions of foreign artists held in Korea. That is, world renowned master’s works are not classified by year or genre but the exhibition provides us with an opportunity to view his works from a new perspective. These works have been selected through several consultative meetings with the Joan Miro Foundation in Barcelona over two years. The exhibition is of great significance in that it can serves as an opportunity to interpret Miro’s works newly and come closer to the public. Joan Miro constantly explored nature and its essence while forging his own new idioms with symbolic, abstract images. His meditative themes are represented with simplified images which help viewers grasp his art with ease and interest. The exhibition sheds light on the art of Miro through 11 motifs the artist approached in a philosophical and formative fashion. They include testis, woman, star, glittering flowers, three strands of hair, ladder for escape, the moon, circle, the sun, eyes, and birds. Those motifs are most familiar to us and elemental, shaping a symbolic system of his own in his ideas. Miro was inspired by a wide range of artistic tendencies such as Fauvism, Cubism, and Surrealism but was not captured by any one, forging his own distinctive art. We are able to see Joan Miro’s symbolic world through this exhibition with a higher degree of completion in terms of content and composition.

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