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GMoMA Media Collection : Single Channel Video 2000-2010
Period/ 2018.03.16(Fri) ~ 2018.06.24(Sun)
Venue/ Project Gallery, GMoMA
《The GMoMA Media Collection: Single Channel Video 2000-2010》 will project four to five videos on one screen in each of the three screenings using a conventional projector. The first screening will include works by artists KIM Sejin, OH Yongseok and Koo Dong Hee that reflect cinematic experiences derived from the nature of popular movies that are accessible to anyone. The second screening, consisting of artworks by PARK Junebum, Rhee Jaye, Ryubiho, and Ham Kyungah, will include works that experiment with aesthetic and formal possibilities, and that reveal a paradox within a framework created by the artist by constructing a specific environment and inserting narratives into it. The third screening, consisting of works by JEON Joonho, Yangachi, Jung Yoon Suk, and Park Chan Kyong, will show a new “writing” of history at the point where the concrete reality of Korean society and the artists’ utopian imagination meet and conflict with each other, and experiments in which the medium of film is translated into an art form via the documentary recording archive.
Main Arts
KIM Sejin (b.1971) Their Sheraton
그들의 쉐라톤
KIM Sejin is an artist who has incorporated certain techniques used in film into her works as a means of making her work more approachable for the public. Kim boldly deals with subjects that cannot be tackled in films, and uses the structure of film as a subject of her artworks. Their Sheraton, which adheres to the documentary format, was created by filming the rooms of the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel in the same place at the same time each day. This work, which shows people at various moments of the day in the same place at the same time over a certain period, uses the long-take technique to convey the isolation and sense of disconnection felt by modern people by presenting the “hotel” as a temporary space that embodies the “individuality” of capitalism.
KIM Sejin (b.1971) Take a Picture
Take a Picture projects onto a monotone screen a repeated process, in which a picture is taken of 46 male and female high school students wearing uniforms. It shows that even before pressing the shutter of the camera, the students are fixed in an immobile stationary position and do not even breathe. The movement of the screen is a repetitive act in which the students – unable to endure the lasting tension – disperse and then gather again. The artist deliberately prolongs the photographing process, which requires a pause of a few seconds, thus disturbing the audience’s visual consciousness with the unfamiliarity of time.
OH Yongseok (b.1976) Memory of the Future
미래의 기억
OH Yongseok has been working on putting together multiple pictures and video clips to form a continuum. Memory of the Future is a video that combines scenes from classic SF movies produced between the 1930s and the 1970s with contemporary everyday scenery that is the same or similar to the places in the movies. It is designed to express the idea that time circulates inattentively, by putting the future of an already outdated past into scenes from old movies and present-day life, in order to bring past, present and future together on one screen
Koo Dong Hee (b.1974) Static Electricity of Cat”s Cradle
실뜨기와 정전기
Koo Dong Hee, who has presented his unique world of art through the Single Channel Video and Installation projects, induces the audience to contemplate the meanings and functions of cultural practices between realistic narration and personal imagination. The artist shows how fantasy films make things that are impossible seem possible by exposing cinematographic devices designed to hoodwink audiences, such as wire action, chroma-key, curtains, and so forth.
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