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Him of Gyeonggi-do
Period/ 2010.05.01(Sat) ~ 2010.08.22(Sun)
The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Him of Gyeonggi-do, which means the Strength of Gyeonggi Province, for Gyeonggi Art Project in 2010. The Gyeonggi Art Project annually features critical issues encompassing politics, society, and culture in Gyeonggi Province for the purpose of modernizing and globalizing cultural heritage of Gyeonggi Province. At present, there are many artists who work for a number of museums, creation studios. and alternative spaces in Gyeonggi Province. As Gyeonggi Province serves as an incubator for art creation, and a repository for creative inspiration to the artists, the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art shall strive to bring into actuality the function and role as a Provincial art museum by providing environments of exhibition and creation, and conditions for communication and participation to the artists through a variety of programs.

Him of Gyeonggí-do Art to be held in 2010 professes to realize the significance of intervening dynamic art scene of here and now, and building up networks among regions and artists. It will envision current status and predisposition of Gyeonggi art through an art map that ranges from photographic editions of Dan won Kim Hong-do to senior artists, middle-aged leading artists, and emerging artists based on alternative space.

This exhibition was co-organized with Gyeonggi Branch of Korean Fine Art Association. The works of invited artists and the archives collected through a collaborative study and debate between the two institutions for the last year will comprise the Gyeonggi specific art map, and will reveal the real prestige of Gyeonggi art. This event may embark a new beginning and dimension for the Gyeonggi province to be either powerful or weak in its standing as a haven for art. In addition, this event will put in the picture, which are the strong points and which are the weak points in Gyeonggi Art.
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