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Mountains, Rivers, and People: Eight Views and Nine-bend Streams of Gyeonggi
Period/ 2015.09.05(Sat) ~ 2015.11.15(Sun)
KANG Se Hwang, GIM Yang Gi, KIM Yu Sung, KIM Hong Do, YU Yeong O, YU Won Seong, YUN Je Hong, LEE Seong Gil, LEE Yoon Young, JEONG Seon, JEONG Su Yeong, JEONG Hwang, HEO Ryeon, RHA Hye Suk, PARK Sang Ok, LEE Young Hwan, LEE Ok Young, CHANG Woo Sung, CHOI Seung Man, KANG Kyung Koo, KWON Ki Yoon, KI Nocheol, KIM Dae Won, KIM Dong Chul, KIM Beom Seok, KIM Byung Ki, KIM Bo Joong, KIM bohie, KIM Soung Ho, KIM Tae Heon, KIM Hyun Chul, KIM Hyuntae, KIM Heryun, RYU Yeun Bok, MOON Bong Sun, MOON In Hwan, MIN Joung Ki, PARK Neung Saeng, PARK Young Gyun, PARK Jin Myung, PARK Jin Hwa, SUH Yong Sun, SON Jang Sup, SONG Chang, SONG Phil Yong, AHN Seok Joon, OH Seung Woo, OH Yong Kil, LEE Yunho, Lee Lee Nam, LEE Jae Sam, LEE Jong Song, LEE Jinseok, LEE Chang Hee, LEE Hae Kyun, LEE Ho Shin, JANG Tae Mook, CHOI Hochul, HONG Seonwung

Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is presenting Mountains, Rivers, and People: Eight Views and Nine-bend Streams of Gyeonggi. This is a diachronic exhibition highlighting the true-view landscapes and scenic places of Gyeonggi that are considered “eight views and nine-bend streams” featuring the art works ranging from the Joseon period to the contemporary.

Gyeonggi province dominates the central region of the Korean Peninsula. Since the Goryeo Dynasty, Gyeonggi has been at the center of Korean history for more than a thousand years, and thus has many historical ruins, beautiful sceneries, and artworks that portray these assets. This exhibition has gathered the works based on the theme of Gyeonggi’s natural beauty by 60 eminent artists, including Jeong Seon and Gim Hong-do of the Joseon era to modern artists Na Hye-seok and Park Sang-ok, as well as contemporary artists.

The exhibition is comprised of five sections. The first section introduces the eight views or nine-bend streams, historical ruins, and scenic places of each of the 31 cities and city districts of Gyeonggi Province. Sections two to five are given the themes of “Mountains encompass rivers,” “Rivers flow into the sea,” “People build villages and cities,” and “The divided land shall be reunited,” respectively. The exhibition has a narrative that is linked by key words related to its natural and humanistic surroundings, such as mountains, rivers, seas, people, villages, cities and division, and each key word is illustrated with relevant artworks.
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