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Time Collector
Period/ 2015.11.26(Thu) ~ 2016.01.24(Sun)
KOH Changsun, KIM Joon, PARK Yuna, LEE Jiyoung, LEE Changhoon, JANG Youngwon, CHUN Eun, JEONG Heejeong

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is proud to present Time Collector, an exhibition exploring the meaning of time – something held so precious by us, without a single second to waste. This annual exhibition showcases the latest works of talented local artists from Gyeonggi-do Province who have been selected through the Professional Arts Support Program of the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation. The current year marks its third edition and highlights the works of Lee Changhoon, Koh Changsun, Park Euna, Kim Joon, Chun Eun, Jeong Heejeong, Jang Youngwon, and Lee Jiyoung.

Contemporary artists examine the grains of time more delicately than does anyone else: It is the particular task of the artist to observe that within the flow of time which usually remains unrecognised, as well as to provide a space for meaning that has slipped between our fingers. At points, time is stacked in multiple layers, or occupies a comparatively large space. Therefore, in the absence of artists who keenly observe and meticulously collect that which has come and gone, the color that blossoms and withers in every moment, that time might perhaps not even exist for us.

Through a diverse range of works gently peeling back the individual layers of time that may be difficult to grasp, Time Collector provides visitors with an opportunity to investigate the microscopic crevices of daily life and gaze back on their individual lives. It is hoped that viewers will be able to appreciate the delicate beauty and keen tension of this time, a beauty that tends to unconsciously pass by us, alongside the works by the artists selected by the Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation.
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