• Closer to Contemporary Art Ⅱ – Abstract Art is Real Close
    • Period/ 2013.07.31(Wed) ~ 2013.11.10(Sun)

    Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is pleased to open the exhibition entitled <Closer to Contemporary Art Ⅱ – Abstract Art is Real>. This exhibition presents Abstract art works collected throughout the years and is the next in a series of special exhibitions <Closer to Contemporary Art>, first held in 2001 with our efforts to be an approachable art museum.

    • Period/ 2013.07.25(Thu) ~ 2013.10.20(Sun)

    If spending their childhood during the 1980s and 1990s, many people would still remember plamodels (shorthand for Plastic Model) sold at stationery stores in front of a school and science malls. As passing adolescence and adulthood, it is believed that they got to know that the plamodels were Japanese replica and then most of them abstained from food and drink.

  • Machine, Dreaming of Life Close
    • Period/ 2013.07.05(Fri) ~ 2013.11.24(Sun)

    In the vacation season of July, 2013, we are pleased to open , an exhibition reviewing a dynamic side of contemporary art, pursuing GMoMA’s interest in representing the vitality of everyday life in art. Art has developed in various forms since its first known appearance over 25,000 years ago. From the imitation of nature, such as representational paintings, to revolutionary forms including abstract art, art has consistently been experimental to reflect the spirit of the contemporary period. About 200years ago, artists began to claimed to support of the idea ‘Art for art’s sake’.

  • Wanna be Your Family Members-Story of companion animals Close
    • Period/ 2013.05.03(Fri) ~ 2013.07.21(Sun)

    On the occasion of the Family Month, May, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents the exhibition, wannabe your famdy members-story of companion animals to enhance social awareness of .companion animals' as the new members of third family through art. Since the Agricultural Age humans have raised animals. Of course, these animals were a means of production, raised with economic, practical purposes for food and labor, and thus regarded as each family's valued property. However, animals living with humans in contemporary society have been objects completely different to those in our previous consciousness. They gained a new appellation, companion animal as partners of human joy. anger, sorrow, and pleasure in life.

  • Humans, Humans; The Pictorial History of Ordinary People by SHIN Hak Chul and AHN Chang Hong Close
    • Period/ 2013.04.04(Thu) ~ 2013.06.23(Sun)

    After an unusually cold winter, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art is delighted to welcome spring by presenting the exhibition Humans, Humans The Pictorial History of Ordinary People. This exhibition reviews the work of SHIN Hak Chul and AHN Chang Hong in the context of a pictorial history of ordinary people

  • Child Psychology in Picture Close
    • Period/ 2013.03.09(Sat) ~ 2013.05.05(Sun)

    My works on show at this exhibition aim to represent images from my dreams that made an impression on me during my childhood with reference to visual effects and principles found in specific notable paintings. They also intend to address the trauma I experienced at that time in three-dimensional installation work with reference to the principles of art psychotherapy. Inspired by the stark contrast of shades and surface textures in The Forest (1927-28) by Max Ernst and the unique, steep shapes found in the hills and mountains in the background of Flight into Egypt (1304-06) by Giotto, I compared such elements with those of the mountains I dreamed of as a child. The distinctive forms, tonalities, surface treatments, and techniques adopted in the two paintings were employed to create abstract three-dimensional representations of my dreams.

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