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Exhibition of the GCC Residence Artist: YI Hyuk Jun_Green Memories
Period/ 2012.07.18(Wed) ~ 2012.08.12(Sun)
YI Hyuk Jun

At a glimpse, YI Hyuk Jun’s photographs seem as though they have been taken in a jungle. When viewing them, one may feel as if they are trapped in a forest labyrinth or completely surrounded by a sylvan area whose exit is hard to find due to the undergrowth of densely packed large leaves. Something resembling a concrete structure standing in the shade of the trees and leaves enables viewers to realize that this space is not a grove and escape from the maze.

YI has forged realistic scenes resembling tropical rain forests using images of flowers and plants that can be found anywhere, a shabby flower garden downtown, bushes along the street, shrubs on a mountain, and abandoned goods. She photographs them with a digital camera and then synthesizes them using a digital processing technique. He created the weird monochrome space of Forest-Eden through a process that involves creating hundreds of layers of green images, adjusting their sizes, honing their forms, and incorporating or interlacing them as a whole, just as Henri Rousseau (1844-1910), an artist of the 19th century Society of Independent Artists who provided inspiration to Cubism and blazed the path to Surrealism, had done in the past.
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