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Fashion Ethics-Wear Good
Period/ 2009.07.23(Thu) ~ 2009.10.04(Sun)
Gary Harvey, g:ru, Mark Liu, Movana Chen, Vanessa Beecroft, Shin Heirie, Ana Paula Freitas, Annet Cowenberg, Orsola de Castro and Fillippo Ricci, Ye Ranji /Hasisi Park, Yoon Mee Jin, Yoon Jung Won, Yun Jin Sun/Hong Sun Young/Chae Soo Kyoung, Lee Kyumbie, Lee Kyoung Jae, Yi Jeongheah, Chon Kyung Bin, Hong Sung Wan

The Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents Fashion Ethics – Wear Good as its cross-genre exhibition which the museum annually presents. It is designed to examine the expansion of art adjacent genres to explore the effects of their synthesis. Following last year’s exhibition, connected with architecture, this year’s show deals with fashion.

Recently the fashion world explored new value in clothing by producing ‘ethical fashion,’ made of eco-friendly, recycled, and the material obtained through fair trade. It also reinterpreted folk costumes, as an extension of ethical fashion, from a post-colonial perspective. Through these methods the fashion world has expanded issues of identity in connection with globalism and localism. Fashion Ethics – Wear Good expands on these new phenomena in the fashion world by drawing out a new aesthetics, based on issues relating to the environment and identity, offering wide range of works.

Fashion is a fundamental cultural activity raising everyday life to aesthetic representation. It is a barometer reflecting the trends of regions and ages. Everyday yet aesthetic, individual yet social, fashion is an evolving entity linking life to art, practice to aesthetic theory, production to consumption, and individual taste to a collective spirit. Ethical fashion, that highlights issues of environment and identity, is different to existing fashion trends, as a new fashion paradigm and a cultural indicator.
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