• Exhibition of the GCC Residence Artist: YI Hyuk Jun_Green Memories Close
    • Period/ 2012.07.18(Wed) ~ 2012.08.12(Sun)

    At a glimpse, YI Hyuk Jun’s photographs seem as though they have been taken in a jungle. When viewing them, one may feel as if they are trapped in a forest labyrinth or completely surrounded by a sylvan area whose exit is hard to find due to the undergrowth of densely packed large leaves. Something resembling a concrete structure standing in the shade of the trees and leaves enables viewers to realize that this space is not a grove and escape from the maze.

  • Art X Game – Bartz Revolutionary War Close
    • Period/ 2012.06.25(Mon) ~ 2012.09.02(Sun)

    Korean MMORPG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) is a PC game which users access multiplex Internet at the same time, receive their own roles, and perform their missions based on proposed stories. Unlike a classic role-playing game which two or three people enjoy, a number of people can participate in this game simultaneously as implied in the title, ‘Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game’. Also, it goes on regardless of user’s participation, which is different from single or multi play games that end when the winner is determined. Once an MMORPG game begins, it continues without stopping or starting again. Basically, the MMORPG game has events related to stories. All the players joining in the game can enjoy stories, talk one another, and trade game items(goods used in the game). Since the participants live in real time, sharing or trading items and information, a fine line between imagination in the game and the actual reality becomes obscure.

  • Exhibition of the GCC Residence Artist: CHANG Yujung_Cultivated Portion Close
    • Period/ 2012.06.22(Fri) ~ 2012.07.15(Sun)

    CHANG Yujung displays photographs of nature found in Seongamdo in Ansan where the Gyeonggi Creation Center is located. She had taken these pictures during her stay at the artist-in-residency program. Her photos are printed on a translucent material which arouses a surrealistic atmosphere that reconstructs the space as it allows light to pass through it. The places in the images are physically experienced when artificial light takes on the role of sunlight, illuminating her pictures and making two-dimensional scenes feel like three-dimensional ones.

  • Travel Art-Artists on the Road Close
    • Period/ 2012.05.04(Fri) ~ 2012.07.15(Sun)

    We are living in a society with full of information and knowledge and if we cannot create something new our of that, we fall behind in the competition. Since the Industrial Revolution, material civilization which was born from the revolution, becoming aggressively in the name of globalization expanded in the Western worldlike locomotive without brake. Therefore we are now in need of hunger about alternative ideology and unique way of thinking as the society being confronted by catastrophe.

  • Beauty of Lines – Beginning of the Modern Furniture Close
    • Period/ 2012.04.03(Tue) ~ 2012.06.10(Sun)

    Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents in this Spring after such a long and cold winter. Beyond contemporary visual art but for giving the public more wide and various perspectives, the museum provide cross-genre exhibition showing practical artwork 'furniture' in our daily life and viewers will rediscover the beauty of it.

  • Beyond Landscape Paintings Close
    • Period/ 2012.02.03(Fri) ~ 2012.04.15(Sun)

    In gretting the New Year, 2012, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art presents acquisition showing landscape paintings which have been trying to change the idea of oriental 'landscape painting' or realise its term under the title of